Can you Pass this TMKOC Questions Exam?

Hi friends, here You are playing ultimate Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma Quiz, in which you have to answer these 10 questions, and let see if you can answer all of these. To Pass this exam you have to answer atleast 7 questions out of 10. Yes, it is not that simple.

If you are Watching taarak mehta ka oolta chashma serial on SAB tv from years, then only you can answer all the questions.

So, check your result and share the screenshot of result with your friends on whatsapp and share this quiz with them and see how many answers they can give correct.

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Can you Answer these 10 TMKOC Questions and Pass this Exam?

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GPL 3 mein Best Fielder ka Award kaun se player ko mila tha?

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Bawri ka Surname kya hain?

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Jethalal ki Muh-Boli Behan ka Naam kya hain?

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Inme se Kaun ab tak Kidnap nahi hua hain?

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Popatlal kaun sa Mission Poora karta hain?

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"Ek Kaam kar Gogi ko bula Gogi ko" Ye Kiska Popular Dialogue hain?

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Bhide ke Father ka Naam kya hain?

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Champak Chacha ne Bhide ka Kya Naam Rakha hua hain?

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Tappu Sena kaun se College me Admission leti hain?

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Abdul ki Shop ka Naam kya hain?

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