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Almost every year, a story is definitely created in Tarak Mehta during Ganeshotsav. However, it’s rare to see a suspenseful story in it. But will we get to see a big surprise this time? Let’s find out.

So, the episode begins when Anjali brings masala tea for everyone, but for Taarak, it’s green tea. Popatlal accidentally spills Taarak’s green tea, and Anjali, being intuitive, realizes what Popatlal did on purpose. She then decides to go and get green tea for Taarak. Meanwhile, Param Mitra (Jethalal) is on duty and saves Taarak Mehta, saying that they should make green tea for everyone.

Now, Jethalal is not going to be a part of this Ganeshotsav story because he is going to Indore.

The arrival of Lord Ganesha and everyone praises tapu sena for beautiful decoration, and the new reporter, Rita, comes to cover it. So, it’s confirmed that rita is played by new actress permanently now.

Here, Tapu Sena announces that the only female member of their team will surprise everyone with her performance during Ganeshotsav. The promo shows Tapu proposing to Sonu to become his life partner.

Whether this is true or not will be revealed in the next episode. It could be a dream, or maybe this time Tapu Sena is playing a prank. Taarak Mehta had mentioned Tapu Sena’s naughty nature, so what do you think, friends? Is this Bhide’s dream, a prank, or reality? Please comment and let us know.

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