Baalveer 4 Episode 1 Confirm Baalveer 3 Off air Dev joshi

Here is some good news and some bad news for all Baalveer fans, my friends. It’s possible that for some fans, both might be good news, or maybe both could be bad news. Let me explain how.

Firstly, there have been many interviews with Dev Joshi where he said that Baalveer 3 is going off the air, but he will definitely come back with a new season after taking a break. So, it seems like good news, doesn’t it?

But now, listen to this. The makers of Madam Sir have also said the same thing, and many other shows have said they will return with a new season, but we haven’t seen it happen yet.

So, could the same thing happen with Baalveer? Or will Baalveer really come back after a short break with new episodes for Season 4? I leave this question to you, my friends. Please comment and let me know if Baalveer will return with Season 4 or if Season 3 was its last season after not doing well.

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